Frequently asked questions

How much do we charge?

We always recommend for a free consultation, so we can fully understand your needs and your home. We give quotes once the property has been seen as its essential for us to observe what cleaning duties are required and what the current condition of your home is. Please call today 07803556931 to book your free consultation!

How we perform?

Our free consultations allow us to thoroughly understand your domestic needs and expectations. You will be provided with details of our services, it is otional which package you choose to go with. This includes the additional special requirements that you may opt for.

Our working hours?

We work 5 days a week, flexible hours on your request. You will need to give us 72 hours notice to best suit your needs, or you can simply set up regular weekly monthly for us to book in advance for you.

Who will be in your home?

Your home will usually be clened by me or a team depending on the service required and the size of your home. Fully insured for security and your pease of mind. While in your home we are not permitted to eat, smoke or use any of your personal appliances. Comply with all applicable health and safety regulations.

Cleaning goods and products?

M.S Cleaing Service will use our cleaning products for any cleaning work and cleaning goods for your home. We are able to use your cleaning equipment or supplies provided that these meet health and safety requirements. It is entirely your decision. We can use your products and equipment or we can provide our own if that's more convenient.

Security of your home keys?

Only the Manager/team leader will have access to your keys. Which will be stored/locked in a safe with a keycode number by manager/ team leader. We ensure that every set of keys are in the safe at the end of the day.

How will our relationship work?

You are under no contractual obligation and everything is optional. We would really like to earn your contined loyalty based on our ability to meet your needs. We look to you provide a review of our cleaning service and your feedback is more than welcome.

At what time will the M.S Cleaning Service be in my home?

We will arrange a day and time to fit in with your schedule. We work to suit your needs and are available 7 days a week.

How do I pay for the service?

For any of our cleaning services, payment is made at the time of each clean. You can pay by standing order, cash or Bank Transfer. Please book a free consultation to discuss which payment method best suits you.

Special requests, changes or cancellations?

We are happy to make alterations or cancellations within 24 hours notice of your pre-booking.

Insurance Cover?

We are always Covered - We treat your home with the most care however in the unlikely event that something is damaged or broken you will be notfied as soon as possable. We will make every effort to have the item replaced if cannot be repaired.

What if I do not want cleaning to be done while I am away on holiday?

Please just let us know as soon as you can with as much notice as possible.

Statutory holiday?

We do work bank holidays as normal however if you require us not to then you just need to let us know with much notice as possible.

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