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 hoarder CLEANS AND de-cluttering service In Birmingham AND SOLIHULL

Extreme Cleaning in Birmingham & Solihull


If you are a landlord and your property has been wrecked, leave it to us to sort out the mess! Have you had squatters, messy tenants, drug users? Just give us a call and we’ll provide a very competitive quote.

Also trained to be able to deal with the aftermath of family bereavements or properties that have been occupied by persons who sadly have had mental health issues.

Birmingham & Solihull hoard disposal and cleaning

We can sensitively help hoarders to work through the often painful process of disposing of their hoards. We will carefully and methodically work with hoarders to help them regain control of their homes through the disposal of the hoard.

De-cluttering in Birmingham and Solihull

Can’t see the sofa? Lost all the work-surfaces to clutter? All the cupboards are full to bursting? Yes, we can help!!! We are here to help get you straight and to regain your home.

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